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The first visit of the future owners may take place after the puppies are at least 6 weeks old. In the first 6-8 weeks, puppies just "learn the world" under the supervision of their mother and other members of the kennel, not only at home and in the yard, but also during individual and collective walks (vacuum cleaner, mixer, car signal, water, people in various clothes, children, rain, different sounds ...).

This period is one of the most important parts of raising, so that puppies are not shy and coward, on the contrary, we want them to have a positive attitude towards children and to react well in various life situations.

At this stage, we begin the exhibition preparation of all puppies. Through daily 5-minute trainings, we instill show habits on a demonstration leash (ring), which will help in the future training with a handler.
By practicing individual walks of the puppy under the supervision of the mother, we ensure the habit of wearing a collar and a leash. When the puppy's mother is close, the puppy's natural fear of open spaces, closed spaces, smells and sounds is eliminated.

With the help of special devices (obstacles) in the yard or during walks, we most often try to develop the ability to think independently.

It takes a long time, but puppies that are socialized will have no problems adjusting to the house or any new and stressful situations they may encounter in their lives. They will also be better prepared to develop their professional skills as adults. They will also have a good foundation and a wealth of facilities to grow up as mentally balanced dogs.
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