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Dobermann Puppies Training
The Doberman is friendly towards, people and animals, very loyal to his family and loves children. A properly trained dog shows high working qualities with great pleasure.

The Doberman's over-excitement or upset is as much a myth as his ferocity. But, like any myth, it has a basis. The Doberman is a lively, energetic dog that perceives everything around him quite sensitively. The habitat in which a dog is brought up plays a huge role in building a puppy's character. If there are constant quarrels and fights in the family, and the owners sometimes take out their irritation on the dog, you can be sure that the dog will grow up as an unbalanced pet to other animals.

Dobermann, especially young, needs a lot of exercise and active walks, the lack of which will affect the shape of the dog

Initially, the Doberman is a balanced dog and, by raising him in the right way, will be able to reveal all the best its sides. It is very pleasant to communicate with a dog that is sensitive to changes in the owner's mood, to the strict intonation of his voice. The Doberman needs work, his enthusiasm is inexhaustible! He is always ready to learn something new.
Basic principles of Doberman training:
The first point is persistence and gradation.
Having said something, you need to encourage your puppy to do so. Too much rush is the worst training.

The second rule is endless patience. You have explained to your puppy how all things need to be done, but he still acts in his own way. Then you have to start repeating the exercise over and over.

The third rule is logic and consistency from the puppy's point of view, not your own. You have to learn to put yourself in your friend's shoes and anticipate their reactions. A lively and active Doberman, especially the one forced to sit within four walls, can cause a lot of trouble.

The fourth rule is emotional contact with your puppy.
The owner is not only a person who feeds, teaches, encourages and punishes. The puppy should be curious and happy to be with the owner who is his best friend and organizer of the games.
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