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Russian Toy Puppies Training
Puppies need to be adapted in society - Socialized. Stay calm with people, not run away from the owner on the street because of the sight of a company of teenagers or when a neighbor's child tries to stoke it.
Show an aggressive attitude towards anyone.

Toya Russian training is not about keeping your puppy happy, but about instilling good behavior skills.

Teach your puppy calmly and consistently:
Keeping it clean. We gain patience and consistently scold the puppies for the puddle on the floor. And when the puppy relives itself in the right place, we praise him.

Until they are one year old, puppies will bite on everything they may encounter. Don't scold your puppy for a spoiled purse or shoes for the first time, just put away all the valuables you don't want to be lost. To give your pet something to chew on, buy him safe toys.
Walk on a leash. The leash should become a habit. The Russian TOY is a very smart little dog that can take care of its physiological needs indoors, but outdoor walks are essential for the health of the pet.

Do not bite while playing. Respond sternly to every attempt to bite, but never hit the dog. Finish the game smoothly so that your puppy realizes that if he bites, no reward and entertainment are expected

Home alone. First, the baby will groan without you, but if you leave the house first for twenty minutes and then gradually extend the time you are away, the puppy will quickly get used to not being around and will wait patiently.

Puppy training. At home, it won't work if you don't play with it. The unbridled energy of this breed requires many walks in the fresh air. Make time for outdoor games with your puppy, and let him calm down after an active pastime.
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