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Russian Toy is
Proud and elegant - LOVE FOR A LIFETIME
The name speaks for itself, the home country of the Russian TOY is Russia, although its roots go back to England to its English Toy Terrier ancestors. The breed was recognized by the FCI, and all the information about its perfect appearance can be found in the breed standard FCI number 352, where we can also find out that an adult, properly built dog should weigh up to 3 kg.

Funny and cheerful, devoted to its family for life. Russian Toy will become a great friend of both children and adults. Love and attention - that's all this puppy needs.
There are two varieties of the Russian TOY coat: long-haired and short-haired. Long haired Russian Toy has a smooth, close-fitting, straight or slightly wavy coat, which is about from 3 to 5 cm long on the body, while the back side of the limb and tail forms a beautiful silky fan covered with a beautiful long coat. Large pointed ears are covered with beautiful long tassels that should need to be combed regularly. Short-haired Toy, this dog has a short and smooth coat. Russian Toy is very easy at maintaining and requires minimal maintenance. You also need to pay attention to the length of the claws, because the dog's weight is not meant to carry them down naturally. Long claws interfere with the dog's proper movement and cause unpleasant sensations.
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