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Puppy class
regular class, so-called standard class
Regular class means these puppies do not have breed defects as stated in the breed standard.

Regular class does not mean show / breeding class. It is worth taking this into account when choosing a puppy at 8 weeks of age. There is always a risk when you take a puppy at 8 weeks or 4 months old and dream of exhibitions or breeding.

The regular class has an option:
  • promising at the show (visible temperamental and anatomical tendencies. The puppy has a much better chance of becoming a show class in the future)
  • Not promising at the show (but again, with proper breeding, feeding, education, socialization, even a puppy that is not promising at the show may turn into a very promising one)

Show (breeding) class
The combination of the words "show dog" or "breeding dog" means the combination breeder + owner + dog - huge work of the breeder + huge work of the owner + amazing makings of a puppy.
As for me, the combination of the words "great work of the owner" means proper nutrition, proper vitamins, proper growth, proper socialization, proper upbringing and proper education in the future. There is no guarantee that an 8-week-old puppy or even a 4-month-old puppy will be in show class Wrongly trained puppies, inadequate feeding, injuries, poor socialization, and thus bad temperament ... All this can change a promising puppy into a puppy that will never be able to participate in shows and, as a result, reproduce.

A puppy with an exhibition / breeding perspective is:
  • puppies age 6-9 months or more
  • the puppy has passed all the tests for the breed requirements.
  • the puppy has show marks from reputable experts
  • puppy after changing his teeth
  • In males, both testicles have already come out and have been fixed in the correct position, the puppy's temperament is VERY important!

However, the price for such puppies is very high! But only with these features we can say with certainty that a puppy is show / breeding!
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