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Doberman is
The Doberman is believed to be a devoted companion and is known for his intelligence and vigilance, which creates a number of complications for an irresponsible owner. The Doberman can easily get on well with everyone and becomes the family leader. In this case, both sides suffer. Having failed to handle the dog properly, the owner will certainly blame the breed's peculiarities but not his own inability. Consequently, it can lead to constant problems instead of the joy of communicating with a friend. So the situation can be described with one wise English proverb: "So good together with and blind apart." People become attached to the dog, not wanting to part with it, but improper treatment can spoil the dog's character and make people's lives worse.

Doberman is not a dog for everyone, but at the same time has an attractive power that increases the number of his fans in our country and abroad.
The Doberman is the perfect companion dog: smart, strong, family and loving. This is a dog to be proud of. At home, the Doberman attracts with intelligent manners. It is a pleasant and reliable companion while traveling. During walks, the Doberman keeps you in his field of view, showing constant vigilance.

Doberman works both as a working dog and as a participant of exhibitions, meeting the interests of the owner. Overall, the Doberman requires both physical and intellectual activity and you will find one of the best breeds in the world in the face of a Doberman. Respect your dog, be proud of him, love him and enjoy his company!
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