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It all started with our daughter Adriana. Most young children want to have a pet at home, everyone has their own preferences. Adriana was 12, like many children, she started setting aside pocket money given to her.. One day she asked us to add the missing amount to buy a puppy. I was curious about the breed she liked and how much money to contribute. The daughter did not immediately admit that she wanted to buy a Doberman puppy and tried in every possible way to prepare me for the surprise, to put it mildly, hesitating to answer the question.

After a few days of questioning and talks, I finally found out that my daughter dreams of a Doberman puppy. At that time, my husband had not even known about his daughter's desire.
We were aimed to persuade the father. We thought it would not be easy, because the Doberman is not a small dog, especially for an apartment.

But everything turned out to be much easier than it seemed to us. It turns out that my husband also dreamed of a Doberman. This is the way JOKER Miratio appeared in our family - our first Doberman, our favorite and the founder of the JOEMMIS PRIME kennel. The daughter took Joker to training and education sections, that soon resulted in victories at shows. 3 years later she mated Joker with a female called ZOEMMI from Galakuna. During these few years we have had some nice litters and great experiences from our Doberman couple.
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