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The adventure and passion for dogs of these breeds began a few years ago. Our first love was our favorites and greatest friends: Doberman JOKER Miratio and ZOEMMI Iz Galakuna. Their names will always remain in our memory and in the name of our kennel "JOEMMIS Prime". Also the beautiful female KUZIA marked the beginning of everything, and her name gave rise to the name of the Russian TOY kennel "Z KUZIKOLANDII". During these few years we have had a few litters and wonderful experiences on national and European rings. Having fallen in love with the Doberman and Russian TOY breeds, we found ourselves in the world of exceptional people who share love and passion.
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It all started when JOKER Miratio, our favorite, appeared in our family. Our Dobermans have a long list of awards and merits such as: International Champions, European Veteran Winner 2018 and more
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Russian Toy
We registered our Kennel "z KUZIKOLANDII" in 2015. Our breeding is not a work of impulse, but a fully conscious choice of several years of searching for the best dogs of this breed in our opinion. We have a great success behind us, our handsome male imported from Russia Stempfort ZIGAN ZHA-DE, namely winning the Junior World Winner title at the World Dog Show in Leipzig 2017. There is still a lot of hard work ahead of us and at the same time great pleasure because our breeding is our great love. We love dogs with all our heart and we create our human-canine world with them.
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Our pets often attend exhibitions and achieve excellent results. Below are a few photos
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